Welcome to the ELITE Group Website

BCS ELITE (Effective Leadership in IT) Group is for those who have made distinguished, influential contributions to IT leadership. The regular ELITE events provide a pressure-free, non-commercial setting for networking, problem solving and discussion. By joining, you’re contributing to keeping BCS ELITE as the foremost forum for IT leaders. As it’s you, not your role, that determines your ability to lead, your membership can support you throughout your career and beyond. Click here to find out how to join ELITE and discover the benefits of being a member of the group.

ELITE is a Membership Group within the BCS and represents its members’ interests and concerns at the highest levels within the BCS and beyond.

A volunteer committee and regional organisers (click here for contact details) oversee ELITE business, including its events programme. If you would like to hold an event with ELITE, click here to find out how. ELITE Committee members are elected by the wider ELITE membership so all members have a say in the direction of ELITE.

For further details, including how to join BCS ELITE use the links on the left, or download the ‘ELITE on a page’ document by clicking here.